We've Teamed Up

FieldPulse and HazardCo have teamed up to help take the paperwork out of tradies' daily lives, making it easier to manage your business safely and effectively. Sign up today and receive 10% off a monthly plan or 20% off an annual plan!

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A Partnership Made in Tradie Heaven

HazardCo and FieldPulse have partnered to bring you apps for tradies that help you better manage your business, while also helping you and your team stay safe on the job.

We understand Job Management and Health and Safety are core foundations of any construction, trade, or manufacturing business.

We have linked our products to help you work faster, and make sure all your documentation for each job is saved in one place. Organised and easily accessible in FieldPulse.

Follow the guided process to create a SWMS with HazardCo, sign it in the app, and it will be sent to the job in FieldPulse.

How HazardCo & FieldPulse Help You Master Your SWMS Game

The Importance of Good SWMS

You must do a SWMS every time you undertake high-risk construction work. Just completing a SWMS isn’t enough, it needs to be relevant to the task and filled in correctly. HazardCo have created a simple, guided approach that steps you through the process so you’ll know you’ve covered everything.  

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How HazardCo Makes SWMS Easy

Completing SWMS on your phone is so much easier than carrying around paper forms. Not only will you always have it in your back pocket, it’s also much faster. Save common SWMS as templates to edit and reuse at the touch of a button. 

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Why FieldPulse

FieldPulse enables service professionals to run their businesses from anywhere. With powerful integrations and features, our cross-device app simplifies the daily work required of field service owners and technicians.

FieldPulse also offers unmatched customer service with a dedicated support team that is available when you need them most.

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How FieldPulse & HazardCo Work Together

By integrating HazardCo with FieldPulse, you will be able to associate any SWMS to a FieldPulse job record, consolidating every pertinent detail of a job in one centralised place.

How do I connect FieldPulse to HazardCo?
You must be a HazardCo member based in Australia. Open the HazardCo Hub and select Integrations in the left hand side menu. Select FieldPulse. A browser window will open, and redirect you to a FieldPulse log in screen. Follow the guided prompts to complete the connection.

How do I save a HazardCo SWMS to the FieldPulse App?
Open FieldPulse and open the relevant job. Using the horizontal menu at the bottom of the screen, select HazardCo, then hit Create SWMS. The HazardCo App will open. Create your SWMS. Select Save, and it will automatically be saved against the job in FieldPulse. 

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