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Designed for contractors of all types to specifically make quick and easy calculations in the field.

Make quick calculations in the field

Designed for contractors of all types, Contractor Calculator is the easiest way to perform and save important calculations while in the field. Handle on-the-go calculations like square footage, measurement conversions, and fraction math. Plus you get hard to find trade specific calculations like amps to watts, drywall footage, roof footage, and wire size calculations.

The calculations saved in your projects can be retrieved anytime or shared with others.

This vital app for business operators in the field keeps budgets low by reducing cost through waste and time. A must-have on any project!

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GPS Tracking
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Customer Management
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Time Tracking
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Invoices and Quotes

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Make quick calculations in the field

  • Square Footage Calculator
  • Decimals to Fractions Converter
  • Fraction Calculator
  • Measurement Conversion
  • Amps to Watts Calculator
  • Wire Size Calculator
  • Amps by Wire Size Chart
  • Wall and Paint Footage Calculator
  • Drywall Footage Calculator
  • Flooring Calculator
  • Roof Footage Calculator
  • Siding and Brick Calculator
  • And more!

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